Construction Document Review

A review of the Construction Documents (Plans, Specifications, Contracts, etc.) for completeness and congruency can prevent major problems before construction work begins and can avoid costly change orders. A Construction Document Review includes the following:

  • Review and Analysis of the following for completeness and congruency:
    • Architectural, Civil, MEP and Structural Plans / Specification
    • Geotechnical Reports / Soil Surveys
    • Owner / Contractor Agreements
    • Owner / Architect or Engineer Agreements
    • Surveys and Plats for easements, setbacks, utility connections, flood zones, etc
    • Certificates of Utility Availability / Will-Serve Letters
    • Environmental Reports
    • General Accessibility Standards / ADA
  • Comparison of the Project to the Codes / Ordinances for general compliance
  • Review of Professional Responsibilities to assure adequate involvement and liability transfer
  • Review of Contractor, Subcontractor and Supplier Bonding
  • Review of Building Permits and the Permitting Process
  • Analysis of the Construction Progress Schedule
  • Review of General Contractor and Professional Licensing
  • Review of Construction Areas for congruency with Contract / Loan Documents
  • Review of Proposed work for Standard Materials / Equipment / Systems

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