Deferred Maintenance Surveys

A limited form of a Property Condition Assessment is a Deferred Maintenance Survey and includes the following:

  • Visit to the Site by a Trained Professional
  • Interview with the Current and Previous Maintenance Personnel
  • Review and Analysis of with a view toward improper or deferred maintenance:
    • Building Structural Systems
    • Mechanical Systems
    • Electrical Systems
    • Plumbing Systems
    • Roofing Type Installation
    • Exterior Veneers and Sealants
    • Opening, Doors, and Glazing
    • Interior finishes
    • Site Improvements and Landscaping
  • A Budget describing expenses to replace or repair the noted problems.


Educational Seminars

For our clientele who wish to have their staff become more knowledgeable of the construction process and related issues and risks, CDCC provides PowerPoint illustrated, educational seminars. From basic construction terminology to detailed instructions on AIA Construction Contracts, Scheduling of Work, Lien Releases, AIA G702/3 Payment Applications, Plans, Specifications, Change Orders, and other issues, CDCC is ready to assist in whatever means possible.


Residential Construction Monitoring

Individual Residences

For Residential work we offer a lower cost review for projects where financialĀ risks are typically lower than commercial projects. A Residential Inspection includes the following:

  • Visit to the Construction Site by a Trained Residential Professional
  • Review and Analysis of:
    • Contractor’s Application for Payment
    • Comparison of work on a special line item / standard percentage completion basis
    • Review of general compliance with Plans and Specifications
  • A written Report of our findings with photographs


Builder Lines of Credit

For Lenders offering Lines of Credit to Builders, tracking the progress of construction inventory is critical. CDCC offers a streamlined review process which is quick, thorough and efficient. A Builder Line review includes the following:

  • Visit to the Construction Site by a Trained Residential Professional
  • Completing the Building or Financial Institution Form of Completion by Stage or Percentage in any form required
  • A written report of our findings



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