National Network

CDCC currently maintains and is expanding a National Network of Inspection Professionals. This service provides “expert eyes” at any site in the country, while the processing and the responsibility for payment application review and recommendations for funding remains with one CDCC contact throughout the process. The National Network Service utilizes today‚Äôs technology to review and process Applications for Payment in a timely manner. Each Network Professional representative is an architect, engineer, or degreed / experienced construction professional and has been trained to be our eyes and ears at the construction site.

Using our National Network has many benefits.

  • Local Representation- our Network Professional has experience with local building conditions, processes, techniques, local code and zoning issues, and approval process.
  • Lower Fees- through the Network, the expenses of time and travel are in most cases eliminated.
  • Timeliness of Reporting- due to the lack of travel scheduling and our use of electronic data and image transfers, we can provide reports as though performed locally.
  • Single Point Inspection Source- most of our clients who use our National Network prefer having only one contact for several projects. For multi-state or franchise construction projects, such as hotels or restaurants, your CDCC representative can be your one source for reviewing all projects.
  • Double Review of Inspection Reports prior to submittal- although our Network Professional visits the site, your CDCC representative is your only contact and the person completely responsible for the project. The Network Professional reports to the CDCC representative from the site, who then performs their own review of the project prior to issuing a report.

For emergency or special needs, CDCC has experience with locating and training a Network Professional and the ability to visit most any city in the USA within one week. Although we have not represented financial institutions outside the USA at this time, we have the capability to provide services around the world.



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